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This institution was established by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 2002 under the management of APSWREIS, Hyderbad with nomenclature of APSWR School (RPRP) exclusively only for girls in a rented building situated in Line kothuru village adjoined with yellamanchili, Visakhapatnam dist with commencement of classes V to VIII. The main aim of this School (RPRP): RPRP is expanded as Rural Poverty Reduction Programme. These institutions have been formed on role model of Residential Institutions of A.P with sole objective of eradication of poverty in rural areas and avoid drop outs of girls institutions who often turn into bonded labour. This institution was exclusively meant for those girls being freed from the shackles of bonded labour and dropped from studies in the mid regardless of caste, religion and ethnical etc., and age bar as well. These institutions may be known as Velugu Schools of Residential pattern as they have been patronized under Velugu funds. Indeed to say, this is commendable dream project of the government that became true in full filling the main aim of the Government in imparting quality of education to the above needy known by appreciable results achieved so far. In this connection it is pride to say that this institution stood best among all RPRP institutions in the state as a student by nameof A. Radha secured highest marks of 548 SSC for the year 2006-07 in RPRP institutions only. Infrastructure of the School building: The new building was constructed in 7 acres of land located in kokkiraalli village Gram Panchyat limit on NH-5 adjoining to yellamanchili. Visakha (dt). Actually, the foundation stone was laid by Sri.Pappala Chalapathi Rao, The then M.P of Anankapalli constitution that was inaugurated by Hon.Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy (Late) the then C.M of Andhra Pradesh during the year 2004. Extent of land and survey No.347/ to 17 (7 acres of land). After completion of the construction of the above building of the APSWRS (RPRP) situated in Line kothuru as stated earlier the school was shifted to the new constructed building in the year. Upgradation as Jr.College with introduction of Science Courses: The above institution has been upgraded as Jr.College with introduction of M.P.C and Bi.P.C in due course of the time during the year 2008-2009

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