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1. How many Years of service have you put in the Society?

I S.Rupavthi, Principal, APSWR COE have 20 years of service in the Society.

2. Where do you work at present? I am working at APSWR COE, Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam at present.

3. Give a brief description of your role in the Society?

As a Principal, I have a great role in the society. I have to look after the well being of the children, I have to provide good food, improve the quality of education to aim at the all-round development of the pupils.

4. What are your successes as Principal?

As a Principal, I have improved my institution i.e APSWR COE, Visakhapatnam. I got 100% results in S.S.C since five years and above 95% in Intermediate. Our students got good ranks in EAMCET and AIEEE. They are now studying in reputed colleges. I have also established laboratories and improved the Infrastructure and logistics of the institution. As a Convenor Principal, Visakhapatnam. I did full justice to provide amenities to the students in time and also discharged my duties sincerely as per the guidelines of the Society.

5. What are your failures as Principal? I think there is no failure as principal in academic or in administrative matters.

6. What academic activities do you organize in your institution, and whats the outcome of them? I always organize some academic activities like conducting of E-plus club in the evening, conducting seminars, group discussions, competitions like essay writing, debating, quiz etc on Saturdays, encouraging the children to prepare project works, making models some teaching aids and charts etc, encouraging the children to teach lessons in the class room. Through all these academic activities, students are improving their performance gradually and improving their English communication skills and developing their knowledge.

7. What is your opinion on Big Resolutions, and Swaeroes magazine?

13 Big resolutions are of immense use for both teachers and students and also for the institution. If we follow them really our APSWR Instituions will become model schools. Swaeroes magazine is very cute, colorful and interesting to read. It is really a sincere effort to draw the inherent abilities and talents of the students and teachers of APSWR Schools. Its launching is really wonderful in the history of the society.

8. How do you enkindle your staff and students?

I always enkindle my staff and students through continuous monitoring, motivation, Counseling and encouragement.

9. Do you hold any parents meetings? How often? What are their opinions about our efforts in education their children?

I regularly conduct parents meetings probably once in a month I try to make aware of them about the facilities and efforts of the society in educating their children. They feel very happy and show their confidence on the society about the education of their children.

10. Do you have any special suggestions or comments or remarks to mention in general about our system of functioning?

At present the functioning of our society is good. If our beloved Secretary Dr.R.S.Praveen kumar sir will remain forever as our secretary, our society will become a heaven in nearby future. Students of our society will become real Swaeroes.

Principal APSWRCOE MAdhurawada Visakhapatnam