About APSWREIS

                            Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Institutions Society was formulated and registered as per G.O.Ms.No.1 of Social Welfare (Q1) Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh Dated. 2nd January, 1987 under Andhra Pradesh (Telangana area) Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 F of (Act No.1 of 1350f) 2453 of 1986 to start residential schools and colleges for Scheduled Castes under Social Welfare Department. It’s main function is to impart quality education to the poor children, most of whom belong to SC community (75% seats are reserved for SCs and 12% for SC converted Christians.

Aims and Objectives of this organization

a.         To establish, maintain control and manage Social Welfare Residential Schools and Colleges for the talented and meritorious children belonging to Scheduled Cases and others/residing within the State of Andhra Pradesh and to do all acts and things necessary for or conducive to promotion of such schools and colleges.

b.         To affiliate and accord recognition to similar Social Welfare Residential Schools and Colleges established and run by any Society and private persons in the State.

c.         To prepare, introduce, supervise and modify from time to time the curriculum, syllabi and other programmes and conduct of examinations for the pupils in the Social Welfare Residential Schools and Colleges established by or affiliated to or recognized by the Society.

d.        To organise and conduct study courses, conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops, study tours and the like for the benefit of the staff and students of the Social Welfare Residential Schools and Colleges.


As on date, there are 177 APSWR Institutions functioning under the control of APSWREI Society.  The following are the category-wise institutions functioning under the Society’s administrative control. 



                                                     Secretaries of APSWREIS from Inception


Sno                              Name From Date To Date
1   Sri Y. Ravi 18-12-1986 31-03-1990
2   Sri C. Narsi Reddy 31-03-1990 22-04-1991
3   Sri P. Subrahmanyam, IAS 22-04-1991 30-09-1991
4   Smt Rani Kumudini, IAS [FAC] 01-10-1991 09-06-1993
5   Sri A. Vidya Sagar, IAS 09-06-1993 03-11-1993
6   Sri K. Raju, IAS [FAC] 04-11-1993 19-11-1993
7   Sri D.R. Garg, IAS 19-11-1993 29-05-1997
8   Sri M.G. Gopal, IAS 30-05-1997 18-06-1997
9   Sri D.R. Garg, IAS 18-06-1997 27-07-1998
10   Smt Ranjeev. R. Acharya, IAS 27-07-1998 07-05-2001
11   Sri Mohd Ilyas Rizvi, IFS, [FAC] 07-05-2001 08-06-2001
12   Dr.C. Umamalleswara Rao, IAS [FAC] 08-06-2001 12-06-2001
13   Sri Aditya Nath Das, IAS 12-06-2001 14-09-2001
14   Sri M. Samuel, IAS [FAC] 14-09-2001 24-09-2001
15   Smt A. Santhi Kumari, IAS 24-09-2001 22-08-2003
16   Smt Poonam Malakondaiah, IAS 22-08-2003 14-09-2004
17   Sri J.C. Sharma, IAS [FAC] 15-09-2004 14-10-2004
18   Sri M.G. Gopal, IAS 15-10-2004 17-11-2005
19   Sri R.M. Gonela, IAS (FAC) 17-11-2005 30-01-2006
20   Sri S K Sinha, IAS 30-01-2006 01-03-2007
21   Smt J.Sudha Rani ,IAS 01-03-2007  10-09-2008
22   Smt. K. Damayanthi, IAS., 11-09-2008 13-02-2009
23   Sri. K.V.Ramana, IAS., 26-02-2009 09-08-2009
24   Sri Syed Omer Jaleel, IAS(FAC) 10-08-2009 02-09-2009
25  Sri. K.S.Sreenivasa Raju, IAS., 03-09-2009 16-04-2010
26  Smt. K. Damayanthi, IAS., 16-04-2010 23-09-2011
27  Smt. B.Udayalaxmi, IAS.(FAC) 23-09-2011 25-01-2012
28  Sri. Chiranjeevulu, IAS 25-01-2012 02-06-2012
29  Dr. R.S. Praveen kumar, IPS 02-06-2012 02-06-2014
30  Smt. M.Jaya lakshmi, IAS
02-06-2014 26-01-2015
31 Smt.P A Shobha, IAS 26-01-2015 Till date

In all a total of 88278 are admitted in these schools during the year 2014-15.                                                                            

Administrative Structure

The Society is divided into 6 administrative Zones.  Each zone comprises a group of districts such as:

1.   Zone-I         – Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam districts.

2.   Zone-II        – East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna districts.

3.   Zone-III       – Guntur, Nellore, Prakasam districts.

4.   Zone-IV       – Kurnool, Anantapur, Chittoor, Cuddapah districts.


Amenities provided to students

The entry points in the school are at Class V, VI, VIII (in some cases) and Inter 1st Year.  The schools provide the following amenities to the admitted


1.  Free education upto intermediate

2.  Free boarding and lodging

3.  2 pairs of uniform

4.  1 pair of PT dress

5.   Text books

6.  Note books

7.  Bedding facilities

8.   Cosmetic charges

9.   Trunk box, place and glass

10.  Health care

11.  Dhobi, barber services