Innovative Initiatives


                                    LIST OF INITIATIVES / NEW PROJECTS TAKEN UP

                                                  DURING THE LAST TWO YEARS


1. P5 VISION DOCUMENT: A dynamic strategy was implemented in all schools of APSWREI Society with 5 essential components viz., 1. Teachers Empowerment, 2.Creating Academic Ambience, 3.Promoting Competetiveness 4.Using of Technology and 5.Involving the community. This document had created qualitative education and alround development of the students.

2.   BOOT CAMPS:Boot camps were launched in all the districts by covering about 2000 teachers to give training and insights of Modern Teaching Methodology.  The trainers are mostly from reputed Universities like EFLU and the faculty from Osmania University. These induction training programmes had created ripple effect in the system to change the Teaching-Learning attitudes

3.   EPLUS CLUB AND ANKUR CLUB: This is a novel concept of overcoming the fear of English by unshackelling the creative energies of both students and teachers. The activity is being conducted in every institution in the evening hours under the supervision of faculty members.  This activity has improved the spoken English and communicative skills of students immensely.  The topics have been given by the Material Research Development Team (MRDT) in APSWREI Society.

4. BRIDGE COURSE:The entry level in APSWRE Institution is in Class V. Through common entrance test i.e, SWAEROCET conducted during the academic year 2014 to churn out the best eligible students for admission.  It has been a practice to conduct Bridge course in the subjects like English, Maths and Science for newly admitted students during the months of June, July and August.  The course books of the relevant class are introduced only after successful completion of the Bridge Course.

5.   SCIENCE FAIRS: APSWREI Society is committed to encourage the gifted children and fill the young minds with Scientific temper and attitude.  In this direction, Science fairs, Carnival and exhibitions on different themes are regularly conducted every year in different schools of the Society. Student of APSWRE Institutions made the Society by participating overwhelmingly in the State Level WHY-HOW fair in 2013-  2014 and CURIOSITY CARNIVAL in 2014-2015.

6.   SWAEROES ALUMNI NETWORK: Every year about 20,000 students graduate from the Society to pursue Higher Education.  For the last 2 years the APSWREI Society had encouraged all these ALUMNI to form into an ALUMNI ASSOCIATION so that they can help each other, guide the juniors, arrange career counseling, help the institution at large and felicitate the teachers. So far, the APSWREI Society could gather the details of about 4,000 Alumni, who are doing very well in their professional fields all over the world.

7.   INTRODUCTION OF CONVOCATION CEREMONY:In the year 2014-2015, convocation ceremony will be introduced to the students of SSC and Intermediate who excel in their Public Examination during the month of March/April, 2015, in the Month of June, 2015.

8.   ZONAL SPORTS MEET:Apart from scholastic activity, the APSWREI Society encourage the children to participate in co-scholastic activities for holistic learning.  During the last two years adventurous sports like Rock-climbing, Kayaking, Cannoeing, Boat sailing, Shooting were encouraged.  These activities created enthusiasm, competetiveness and zeal among the students to participate the state sponsored and national sponsored games and sports tournaments.

9.   BIG-13 RESOLUTION:In the year 2013, APSWREI Society had resolved to pursue the 13 goals for 2013 to make the students and teachers updated and push them to the frontiers of learning during that year.

10. SEVEN SEEDS - 2014: In the year 2014 the APSWREI Society came up with fresh seven resolutions for 2014 to equip the teachers and students for the next generation learning.

11.IGNITE FEST-2013 & 2014:IGNITE FEST is one of the best initiatives introduced in APSWREI Society.  The main aim is to bring systematic development in the aptitude, attitude and required skills among the students.  The IGNITE FEST made a tremendous success by conducting literary competitions in essay writing, elocution, quiz, debate and Spell Bee competitions. This activity was conducted at School level, District level, Zonal level and State level.

12.CONTINUOUS COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION: The SCERT and APSWREI Society had introduced the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in all schools in phased manner upto Class X. The CCE in classes is intended to provide holistic profile of the learner through evaluation of both scholastic and co-scholastic areas and activities spread over in three terms in a year.

13.EMPOWERING TEACHERS: Training is a systematic process to modify the attitude and develop knowledge and skills.  It improves the performance of teachers through organized learning. The APSWREI Society is very particular about professional advancement of the employees. Therefore, a number of training courses are conducted by District Resource Centres, Content Enrichment Development Team, Dr.A.S.Rao Awards Council, Agastya International Foundation, EFLU, SCERT, Kendriya Hind Maha Samsthan and Oxford University Press India.

14.PACE SETTING ACTIVITIES: One of the prime objectives of APSWREI Society is to develop APSWREIS as pace setting educational institutions in the districts and in the state by sharing its resources with the premier NGOs to equip the teachers and students. The activities conducted in the previous years are as follows:

1.    Voice 4 Girls Camp– To empower the Girl Students on Health and Hygiene and Self-awareness.

2.    Robotics Camp– To develop Robos as projects in the schools through robotic science

3.    Abacus Training–To introduce Abacus and Vedic Maths training for class VI to X

4.    Young Mentors Programme– Wherein the students are trained to be peer mentors.

5.    SWARA for SWAEROES– Two days training programme on basic notations, preparation of syllabus was conducted to all Music Teachers of APSWREI Society by Kala Ramanathan, a renowned violinist.

6.    Discover Fortune and Champion Camp– The summer leadership camp for boys were conducted during summer to instill the inputs in painting, art, music, leadership qualities and games & sports.

7.    Film Making camp– The students of APSWR Schools made three short films, 1.Chaitanyam, 2.Meluko and 3.Endhuku ila under the guidance of Rajesh Touchriver of Sun Touch Productions in SWAEROSTAR summer camp.

8.    Glitz Camp(Young Journalist Camp): - The students are trained in Journalism during summer to promote their talent and to develop creativity in journalism, column writing, report writing, note making, etc.with the help of Dalit Christian Society.

15. MARC: During the academic year 2013-2014, the Society had conducted zone-wise Micro Academic Review Conclave (MARC) to asses the performance of the students, strategies of Teaching and Evaluation Techniques being followed by the Teachers. The MARC is intended to evaluate the profile of the learner through evaluation of both scholastic area, co-scholastic area and co-scholastic activities under Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation spread over in FA-I, FA-II and SA-I (in case of Classes V to VIII).

16.MERIT:(MICRO EVALUATION & REVIEW BY INSPECTION TEAMS) :During the academic year 2014-2015,  it has been decided to conduct district-wise academic inspections i.e., Micro Evaluation & Review by Inspection Team (MERIT) to assess the performance of the Teachers and students in the month of November, 2014 by constituting District Level Subject wise panel inspection teams headed by Zonal Officers and certain Senior Principals.

17. MOUNT EVEREST EXPEDITION: The APSWREI Society launched OP-EVEREST Adventurous sport to promote mountaineering as a sport and hobby among the students for integrating Physical and Mental challenges.  This expedition promoted Physical health, critical thinking and buildup massive confidence among students.

Mountaineering camp was conducted initially at Bhongir by selecting 110 students.  A special mountaineering training was conducted for selected 20 students at Darjeeling, West Bengal.  The expedition reached the pinnacle of success on  May 25th, 2014 by two students, viz., Malavath Poorna and Anand belonging to the marginalized sections of the Society.

18.EAMCET MEGA CAMP: To tap the latent talent among students, to cater the need and requirement among students for professional competitive examinations like IIT, EAMCET, CA-CPT, CLAT special coaching camps were conducted for the selected students at (3) camps in the united state of Andhra Pradesh.

19. YOUTH PARLIAMENT: To enthuse the spirit of democratic traditions and values Youth  Parliament was conducted as an activity and competition for the students of APSWRE Institutions for the last 2 years.

20. WISE: An innovative practice ‘Write, Innovate, Share Empower (WISE) is introduced to nurture and promote the talent and creativity of writing skills among students by providing them best opportunity to express their experiences and expressions creatively.

21. WASM:An innovative practice of conducting weekly academic strategy meet was taken up in all APSWRE Institutions on every Friday to discuss the lesson designs, experiential learning activities, projects, to prepare worksheets and handouts and to create positive academic ambience in the class room.

22. MANO JAGRUTI:It is a training programme on students counseling to support them in their emotional, growing up problems and in their distress situation.  The suicidal tendencies among students have been decreased considerably after students counseling and later follow-up action by the House Parents.

23. PARENTS FIRST MEET:Meeting of all parents term wise  counseling them by eminent psychologist on the importance of education, children’s upbringing, nurturing and emotional support in their adolescent age.

 24. PARENT TEACHER INTERFACE:The PTIwas  convened on the last day of every term quarterly examination when the parents come to school to take their wards home for vacation. The House Parents apprised the performance of the students in various formative and summative assessments.  They also issue holiday home assignments and daily schedule to their wards for follow-up during vacations. The gate pass is issued by the House Parent detailing the departure and reporting date and time.

25.GROW BY LIBRARIES: Training programme was given to selected librarians to conduct library activities more vibrantly and effectively. And arranging the books according to the learning ability of the students.  The readers club activities and book-week celebration were also encouraged.

26.INTRODUCTION OF E-CLASS ROOMS:To bring the best of the global resources, to provide and engaging child-centric teaching learning environment in the class rooms and to empower the teaching fraternity with the latest educational technology and pedagogy virtual smart class rooms were introduced in some of the schools in united state of Andhra Pradesh.

      Video conferencing facility will be provided to all the residential schools to enable the best subject teachers to deliver the lectures and to encourage feed back and questions from the students across the state.

27.BRIDGE – IT PROGRAMME:Virtual class rooms were created with the help of Nokia and Pearson Education by making use of mobile technology in the class rooms.

28.KARADY PATH EDUCATION:This academic programme is for language acquisition for newly admitted students to acquire the rudiments of listening and speaking skills for primary school children. The students got well versed in the acquisition of the nuances of the skills of the language.

29.TEACHING ASSISTANTS IN PEER SUPPORT LEARNING SESSIONS:The peer support learning sessions which is conducted during the self study hour has been monitored by a teaching assistant along with the duty teachers.  The subject and topic is informed well in advance in the form of schedule to all the students so as to enable them to utilize the time properly and judiciously.

30.CRAZY CATS HOME ASSIGNMENTS: The students are prepared to engage during holidays through home assignments subject wise and class wise. The parents are apprised in parent teacher interface with the methodology of implementation of crazy cats home assignments during holidays in their houses.

31.MANA TV SUPER STUDENTS:MANA TV Live programmes are arranged with super students selected from all the institutions by conducting school level, district level and zonal level competitions and S.R.Shankaran’s super student trophy is given to the state level winners.

32.QUEST:The Principals are conducting field visits by going to their villages and interacting with the parents. QUEST is an inquest aiming at intensifying the relation between the student, the parent and the head of the institution. It helps to apprise the illiterate parents with regard to the progress of their children in all aspects.  It also helps to understand the social background of the students to deal the emotional and social problems that may crop up in future as a case study.

33.SWAEROES DIGEST:It is a student friendly digest. It provides the students a platform to express their views, to contribute their creative ideas  and inputs. It also introduces the success stories of Alumni students who acquired higher positions. The quality of contributions received from the readers and the students bear a testimony to the fact about the popularity of this digest.